Invest in one of the biggest industrial cryptocurrency mining farm in Europe

Total gross:
Final Cap:$ 10,000,000
BitFerry.Pro in Media
Invest in one of the most profitable token
Fast profit-making
Your rate of return may be higher than 300 % per annum
Low entry threshold
By investing only 0.1 $, you will gain income from the equipment that costs several thousands $
Buy tokens that are backed up by the equipment and algorithms
You will gain your income directly to your account
Cheap electricity
There are one of the cheapest tariffs on electricity in the world on our platform, therefore you will gain more money
We produce and order only high-performance miners directly
Transparency and reliability
All the price formations are transparent, there are no hidden comissions
Our escrows are the world's leaders of industrial mining
Bitferry is one of the biggest mining centers in Europe with its own production
10 Megawatt

The cheapest electricity in the world can be found on our platforms
0.1 $

More than 1000 clients invest with us
~3 Months

The average payback period of the equipment
Road map
May 2017
May 2017
Implementation of the platform in Russia
September 2017
September 2017
Preparation for 2 platforms to be implemented in the Moscow region
November 2017
November 2017
Implementation of the mining-investment platform
1 - 15 November 2017
1 - 15 November 2017
Attract soft 300 000 $
15 - 22 November 2017
15 - 22 November 2017
30 % discount for investors
22 -29 November 2017
22 -29 November 2017
20 % discount for investors
29 november - 6 december
29 november - 6 december
10 % discount for investors
6 december - 15 december
6 december - 15 december
End 1 stage ICO

Goal - 10 000 000 $
The innovational industrial mining complex
$10 million

The amount of investment in 2017
$100 million

The aim in 2018

The amount of investors worldwide
Bitferry alredy gives the investors more than 20% of income monthly

The team of the BitFerry project
Smirnov Denis
BitFerry cofounder
Filimonchuk Pavel
Saidul Ahmed
Development director
Charochkin Vyacheslav
Lead engineer
Egorov Andrei
Blockchain developer
Derbencev Ivan
Production director
Semyonov Artem
Head of the Sales Department
Buturlin Ilya
Independent advisor
How can anyone take part in your project?
It's easy – you buy a token and after a few weeks we implement the equipment on our platform
What's the minimum cost of investment?
You may invest 0.1$
Why do you have a few tokens?
We are interested in fast recoupment and high profits for our investors. That's why purchase only the best equipment from the producers and for every new batch of equipment we issue new tokens.
1. You can invest in different cryptocurrencies and gain income in different cryptocurrencies
2. You will be sure that the equipment won't become obsolete
3. You will be able to reinvest your money
When will investors gain the first income?
As soon as we deliver the equipment and implement it, you will gain income every day in your account on the website
What equipment do you purchase?
We purchase the equipment directly from the producers like Bitmain, BitFury and etc. with the payback period of up to 6 months
How much time is required to deliver the equipment?
After the purchase of equipment the delivery takes 1-2 months
How many mining platforms do you have?
Right now we have 3 platforms for industrial mining in Russia